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We offer leadership development solutions for leaders at all levels, working with executive teams and groups, cohorts of new leaders, and one-on-one with individual leaders.

Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

Successful professionals at all levels realize that new behaviors are required to effectively navigate the challenges of leadership. Whether the goal is to communicate more effectively, think more strategically, or develop other key leadership competencies and behaviors, we support clients to effectively lead others, be more self aware, and achieve their business goals. 

Over the course of six months to a year, a trusted partnership evolves, with clear goals and outcomes, in an atmosphere of accountability, confidentiality, transparency and respect. The coach is a trusted ally; offering unbiased perspectives, and designing creative behavioral practices and exercises to help create clarity, confidence, effectiveness and awareness in the client.

Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

Meet one-on-one for confidential coaching to become a purposeful and authentic leader.

Coaching Circles

We coach small groups of friends, relatives, co-workers, or colleagues who want to take a shared journey towards awareness, growth and camaraderie by exploring the issues they decide are most important to them.


These could range from holding difficult conversations, tackling thorny race relations, understanding one’s leadership style, exploring shared values and beliefs, strengthening interpersonal relationships, understanding one’s life purpose, or creating deeper bonds of mutual support and trust.


Over three to six months, the coach designs bespoke, creative, insightful, and fun exercises for circles of between 3-7 participants, and journeys with them in an atmosphere of trust, intimacy, deep conversation, and joy.

Coaching Circles

Come as a group! Journey together towards greater awareness, resilience and joy. 

Cohort Coaching

Peer learning and shared experiences are powerful. We design and execute executive coaching programs for groups of leaders as part of an organization’s Leadership Development Program.


Over the course of three months to a year, coaching is provided in group settings, supplemented with one-on-one coaching for individual cohort leaders. We align the program to the organization’s goals, and carefully assess the cohort members’ current capabilities and responsibilities.


Cohort coaching works well for mid-level managers and directors, who are transitioning from technical expertise roles to positions of leadership and management. 

Cohort Coaching 

Coaching cohorts of new leaders within organizations to establish presence and thrive in their new role. 

Team Facilitation

Great teams are strategically aligned and working in service of common goals. We work with leadership teams to get on the same page, set a common vision, chart shared goals and priorities, communicate effectively, and address patterns and behaviors that have been working against them.


At day-long retreats or regular team meetings over a few months, we help build a more solid foundation of trust among leadership team members and a positive, forward-looking team dynamic.

Team Facilitation 

Helping teams collaborate, see new possibilities, and achieve common objectives.

International Consulting

How do developing countries and communities best benefit from the wave of technological innovation sweeping the world today, and how do they nurture the growth of a local tech sector?


In the dynamic fields of innovation, technology, and high growth entrepreneurship, our consulting services offer program design, implementation and evaluation that are grounded in the context of improving lives, alleviating poverty and supporting growth and economic development across the world.

International Consulting 

Design and implementation of development programs in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

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