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Circle provides executive leadership coaching, group facilitation, leadership development programs and strategic consultancy services to create greater inclusion and equity in the world. We have expertise in race equity, inclusive leadership, and anti-racist work culture practices, having developed our own framework for uncompromising DEI conversations and actions in the workplace. We make the implicit explicit for direct, compassionate discourse about race and power in the workplace. Circle’s work is grounded in evidence based approaches, practical/experiential learning, and meeting people wherever they are in their journey.


Through our coaching and leadership development practice, we help you become the leader you were meant to be through one-on-one or group coaching. We take small and select coaching circles on intimate shared journeys towards greater confidence and connection. We facilitate teams to become stronger than the sum of their parts. Our special focus on leaders of color help them claim authentic authority and voice. 


Our DEI practice envisions a world where diversity and equity are embraced as strengths and core values. We advise organizations on data-driven actions, courageous dialogues, and bold approaches to build a more inclusive workforce, accepting of all.


Our consulting services in international development, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship create a more inclusive and prosperous world. Our expertise is using technology for economic empowerment, innovative enterprise creation, and supporting women-led businesses.


We work with organizations, C-suite teams, senior executives, and leaders across all disciplines and industries. We provide leadership coaching as part of professional development programs. 


We work with DEI, HR and senior leadership teams to create strategies and programs for enhancing equity and inclusion in the workplace.


We have a special interest in coaching women - in particular women of color - to thrive as authentic and effective leaders.


We can coach individuals who prefer the comfort and confidentiality of 1:1 meetings outside their corporate environments. 


We offer discounted leadership coaching services to eligible non-profits and individuals who work on worthy causes to make this a more just and equitable world.

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